On naming my blog

Just a quick post to shed some light on what went into naming my blog. Anyone who has spent hours on the character customisation screen at the start of a game will know the existential suffering I endured while trying to come up with a good blog name. I went down a rabbit hole trying to think of quotes from my favourite TV shows and games, but thought this was a bit too exclusive. I also thought about using a play on words: some rejected ideas included Ready, Game, Fire; The Gaming of the Shrew; and Game! I’m Gonna Live Forever. Clearly this wasn’t going to work either.

In the end I settled on Insert Memory Card. It has something to do with gaming and my favourite console, the PS2, and doesn’t sound as ridiculous as some of my ideas. I’m still not 100% happy with it, but I feel it works well enough. In any case, there’s no turning back now.

3 thoughts on “On naming my blog

  1. I think it’s a very clever name, especially considering your subheading is in regards to your thoughts on gaming. But if you’re unhappy with it, you can always change your display name for when you comment!

    Yes, it takes quite a bit of bravery to hit that “complete” button, doesn’t it??

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