If you clicked on this link, you probably share the same enthusiasm for video games as I do. I’ve started this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts about something I love. This isn’t meant to be a gaming website with all the latest headlines or in-depth reviews; I’m essentially just rambling about gaming. If you share similar interests and passions, you might find something you like.

I first got into gaming when I was about 7 years old, when a friend asked me to look after his GameBoy that had a copy of Pokemon Blue; he had accidentally deleted his save file and wanted someone to get him back to the point in the game he was at before he lost it. I was hooked immediately. I levelled up that Bulbasaur better than my friend ever did, and I was distraught when I had to return the game and leave all the work I had put into my Pokemon in someone else’s hands. After that, and before my parents bought me a console, I would go round to my friends’ houses and beg to play on theirs; when I got my first GameBoy I played Pokemon Gold every second I could. I couldn’t believe the level of engagement that video games allowed: sure, I loved reading books and watching TV, but with video games you could be the heroes that you could otherwise only imagine.

You could go to Kanto, for God’s sake

My parents very kindly fuelled my gaming addiction by buying me a PS1 around 1999, and I fell in love instantly – how could I not? I poured hours into the likes of Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, and played a ton of ISS (the precursor to Pro Evolution Soccer). After a couple of years I got my hands on the greatest console of all time (in my opinion): the PS2, which will always be special to me and dominated most of my free time in my early teens. I drifted away from gaming when I went to university, but after I graduated and started working I was drawn back in, and bought a second-hand PS3. Instead of going with the newer PS4 I delved into a bunch of games I had missed in the last few years – Mass Effect, Uncharted, The Last Of Us, etc. – and recaptured my love of gaming. Recently I bought a PS4, finally catching up to the rest of the world after months of living vicariously through online reviews and gaming podcasts.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that I fucking love video games, and I figured that a blog was a nice way to cultivate one of my passions and share some thoughts about this amazing medium. I plan to write posts about… well, whatever I feel like really. I’ve got a few shiny new games to get through, so I’ll probably write about my experiences with them as I play them; I also have a small collection of my favourite PS2 games and a console on which to play them, so in the future I may dive back in to those – and no doubt come away disappointed that they don’t quite live up to my nostalgia-fuelled memories.

Admit it, you’re hearing the startup music right now

I hope you enjoy what you find on here, and remember that this is all just my opinion – you’re allowed to disagree if you want.

Happy gaming.


10 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. Thank-you – I stuck with it until the ‘true end’. Was good to finally have a chance to play it after years of wanting to! I was thinking of checking out No. 4 as it has just been released, but the reviews arn’t so sparkling so might hold off at the moment.


  1. Hey there 🙂 I found your blog over at LaterLevels and the blog title intrigued me enough for a click.

    > This isn’t meant to be a gaming website with all the latest headlines or in-depth reviews; I’m essentially just rambling about gaming

    …aaaand followed! I love a good ramble about video games, that is my preferred style as well. Too many blogs out there focus on delivering news and not enough sharing their own insights and opinions, which seems to go against the whole point of a “web log” doesn’t it !? Anyway, happy to have some more solid gaming musings to read 🙂

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